• elegant, organic

    True beauty comes from within. That’s why we use the most exclusive raw materials from organic plantations to make our chocolate, like Arriba fine cacao from organic cacao co-operatives in Ecuador. For us, it’s essential to ensure guaranteed wages and long-term partnerships for our cacao farmers in Ecuador, Panama, and the Dominican Republic. The pure taste of chocolate triggers natural pleasure sensations, releasing the intense flavours of South American cacao. Each chocolate is a work of art unto itself, formed from nature’s colours.


  • pristine, demanding

    björnsted’s chocolate recipes use only the essential ingredients required for good chocolate. This means that quality products like cacao or coconut palm sugar are not diluted by lesser substances. We can do without those extras that make chocolate production faster and more convenient. Cheap vegetable fats, emulsifiers, such as soy lecithin, and other additives, are equally superfluous. A premium chocolate rests in quality. Herein lies the true art of the chocolatier.


  • caring, traditional

    Chocolate making is a centuries-old craft, involving ample helpings of experience and finesse. It is a craft which the Weinrich Chocolate Factory has come to master, since its establishment in 1895, in Herford, Westphalia. björnsted chocolate is prepared via a perfect blend of traditional roasting and up-to-the-minute conching procedures. Rigorous quality controls guarantee constant high quality in our chocolate.


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